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Search Engine Submission and Promotion is an important factor that could help make your business succeed online. In order to get the best results from search engines. If you've been on the internet long, you know that just putting a website on the internet doesn't guarantee you success. As a matter of fact, statistics show that 9 out of 10 internet businesses fail...mainly because of this myth.

Don't let this discourage you though because the internet is still making ordinary people millionaires everyday. Don't you want to be a part of that?

Starting an internet business costs a fraction of what it costs to start a conventional business where you would need a building and all the costs associated with that.

If you have a business in the physical world, anybody who has taken business 100 will tell you that there are three things that you need for your business to be successful, "location".

On the Internet that formula is "traffic"

If you have enough traffic you will make a profit. More traffic, more sales, more profit. This accounts for 90% of all searches on the internet! Now if We were trying to focus on one search engine to rank well with, we would want to rank well with Google.

SEO Services :
You have a website, but no business, what you are looking for are professional seo services to give your website the place it deserves on major search engines.

SAT Infosys Experts help you achieve you E-business goal by promoting your website on major search engine and directories. For an analysis and quote of your website send you details.

1. Some of our Favorite Tools Netmechanic
This is our absolute favorite. We strongly recommend that you use this tool for checking your load time, spelling mistakes, and browser compatibility. The report generated is concise and easy to understand. You can also use the HTML design report along with the Hit Box HTML report.

2. Website Garage
This tool offers two extra checks i.e. Link Popularity and Register-It! Readiness. Your load time results may not be accurate as it does not recognize Flash and other plug-ins.

3. Hitbox
If you would like to be cheered up with your web site load time go to Hitbox to get a good report on your load time. You will find that there is a big difference in these results when compared to the other tools. We recommend that you use the HTML design report along with the Netmechanic HTML report to get a good idea of how to improve the HTML design in your site.

4. Bobby
If you want a strict evaluation of your web site we recommend you use Bobby. If you pass his stringent criteria you can get a Bobby Approved stamp.